Almost one third of Americans put off medical care due to cost

Thirty-two percent of Americans put off medical care due to cost, according to a Gallup poll.

Key findings from this annual poll, which began in 2001:

  • The number of respondents reporting that they put off medical care in the past 12 months due to medical costs is at the highest level since the poll began, and up 12 percentage points from 2001.
  • 55% of those with no health insurance say they have had to put off care; 30% of those with private health insurance , and  21% of those who have Medicare or Medicaid have put off medical care because of cost.
  • The same poll found that 76% of Medicare/Medicaid recipients are satisfied with their health care, versus 57% of privately insured Americans.
  • Nineteen percent of Americans surveyed reported that they put off care for a serious health condition, versus 13% who reported putting off care for a non-serious issue.

(Sources: Gallup,; December, 2012; Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report,, December 17, 2012)