Almost half of U.S. adults do not use preventive health services

Almost half of adults in the U.S. did not take advantage of preventive health services before 2010, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study looks at adult’s use of nine preventive health services including hypertension management, lipid management, influenza vaccination, tobacco cessation, diabetes management, aspirin therapy for those with heart disease, as well as colon cancer , breast cancer and HIV screening. 

Key findings:


  • Only 43.6% of adults with hypertension were found to have their blood pressure  under control.
  • 64.5% of adults over age 50 met the guidelines for colon cancer screening.
  • Only 28.6% of adults ages 18-64 received an influenza vaccination.
  • 87.1% of adults aged ≥18 years with diagnosed diabetes had glycohemoglobin (A1c) is ≤9%.


The data are from the years 2005 – 2010, and are intended to serve as a baseline for use of preventive services before implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

(Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,, June 15,  2012; The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, June 18, 2012; Las Angeles Times,, June 14, 2012)