Prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes among adolescents has increased between 1999 - 2008

The prevalence of prediabetes/diabetes in among U.S. adolescents increased from 9% to 23% between 1999 through 2008, according to a study in Pediatrics.

The study examined data from the NHANES survey for participants aged 12 – 19 years old for the years 1999 - 2008.  Other key findings include:


  • The overall prevalence was 14% for prehypertension/hypertension, 22% for borderline-high/high low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, 6% for low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (<35 mg/dL), and 15% for prediabetes/diabetes during the survey period.
  • No significant change in the prevalence of prehypertension/hypertension (17% and 13%) and borderline-high/high low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (23% and 19%) was observed during the survey period.
  • A consistent increase in the prevalence of each of these CVD risk factors was observed by weight categories: the estimated 37%, 49%, and 61% of the overweight, obese, and normal-weight adolescents, reported at least 1 of these CVD risk factors during the 1999 through 2008 study period.


The authors conclude that U.S. adolescents, especially those who are overweight, are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease risk factors.

(Sources: Pediatrics,, May 2012; The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, May 23, 2012)