MHQP releases report on the quality of care in Massachusetts Primary Care offices

Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) has released its annual Quality Insights report, which found that Massachusetts primary care physicians continue to provide high-quality care, though variation in the quality of care delivered by medical groups in Massachusetts remains, according to a press release.

Key findings from the report include:


  •  Pediatric care providers are among Massachusetts’ best-performing primary care providers.
  •  Massachusetts pediatricians scored above the national 90th percentile for the appropriate testing of children for strep throat before prescribing antibiotics, and have improved more than 3 percentage points statewide in the last year, going from 90 percent to 93 percent.
  • There is wide variation in physician practices, for example, for the same strep throat measure, some pediatricians gave the recommended care 100 percent of the time, while others did so only 60 percent of the time.
  • All measures have seen performance improvement since the MHQP began reporting 8 years ago, some statewide measures, including controlling bad cholesterol and appropriate treatment for children with upper respiratory infections, have increased significantly.
  • Across all regions of the state, it matters where a patient goes to get care. While MHQP’s report shows very little variation in care across the six Massachusetts regions, the care among medical groups within a given region can vary greatly.


(Source:  Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) Press Release,, April 5, 2012)