One in four Americans had a gap in health insurance in 2011

A survey by the Commonwealth Fund has found that one out of four adults ages 19 to 64 experienced a gap in their health insurance in 2011.

Other key findings from the Commonwealth Fund Health Insurance Tracking Survey of U.S. Adults Report include:

  • 69% of those with a gap went without coverage for a year or more.
  • Losing or changing jobs was the primary reason people experienced a gap.
  • Adults in low and moderate income households were more likely to have gaps in health insurance.
  • 62% of those who tried to purchase an insurance plan in the individual market found it difficult or impossible to find affordable coverage.
  • Adults with gaps in coverage are less likely to have a regular doctor or be up to date with blood pressure and cholesterol checks.

The report states that the in 2014, affordable health insurance options through Medicaid and state insurance exchanges as part of the affordable care act should help more uninsured adults obtain affordable coverage.

(Source: The Commonwealth Fund,, April 2012)