Health costs of hospital employees are nine percent higher than other U.S. adults

Hospital employees and their families spend 9% more on healthcare then other U.S. adults, according to an analysis by Truven Health Analytics. 

For the analysis, researchers analyzed a repository of healthcare claims and compared healthcare costs of 350,000 hospital employees and their dependents to 12 million adults who worked in other industries.  Key findings:

  • Hospital workers and their families spent 9% more on healthcare than those in other industries.
  • For hospital employees and their dependents admission rates for asthma were 12% higher than others, obesity related admissions were 46% higher, and depression related admissions occurred 20% more than non-hospital workers.
  • Hospital employees used the emergency room more than those in other industries.
  • Hospital workers and their dependents were hospitalized 5 percent more than U.S. employees overall.
  • Compliance with common preventive service measures (lipid testing; breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening) were consistently lower among hospital workers and their families.

(Sources: The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, October 17, 2012;  Truven Health Analytics,, October 2012)