Healthcare spending for those with employer-sponsored healthcare is rising

A report by the Health Care Cost Institute has found that heathcare spending for those with employer-sponsored health insurance in 2011 has grown at a faster than expected rate, following a two year slowdown.

The report examines 2011 health care spending among those with employer-sponsored insurance.  Key findings include:

  • Costs rose 4.6 percent in 2011, to $4,547 per person for those with employer-sponsored healthcare.  This is up from the 3.8 percent growth rate in the two previous years.
  • Spending grew fastest for outpatient services, and slowest for prescriptions.
  • Spending on healthcare for those ages 18 and under grew at 2.2 percent rate in 2011, more than twice the rate than any other age group.
  • Spending in the Northeast was highest, with per capita spending at $4,659, while spending in the West was lowest with per capita spending at $4,358.
  • Cost sharing between employers and employees remained stable, with employers paying on average 83.8 percent of costs.

 (Sources: The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, September 26, 2012; Health Care Cost Institute,, September 25, 2012)