Not all healthcare workers receive influenza vaccination despite recommendation

Among healthcare professionals in the United States, 63.5% reported receiving a 2010--11 influenza vaccination, according to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control. 

Key findings from the survey:

  • Among those who reported working at a facility where vaccination was required by their employer, 98.1% were vaccinated, compared to 58.3% for those who were not required to receive vaccination.
  • Vaccination coverage was higher among those working in hospitals, at  71.1%, compared to 61.5% of those working in ambulatory settings.
  • Among those without an employer requirement but were offered vaccination onsite, greater coverage was associated with a personal reminder from the employer to get vaccinated (69.9% versus 59.5%), vaccination availability at no charge (67.9% versus 41.2%), and vaccination availability for >1 day (68.8% versus 41.4%).

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee recommend that all U.S. health-care personnel (HCP) be vaccinated annually against influenza.

(Sources: AHA News Now,, August 19, 2011; Centers for Disease Control,, August 19, 2011)