Hospital uses duct tape to reduce infections, improve communications

Trinity Medical Center, in Rock Island, Illinois, has cut some of the cost associated with preventing the spread of infections in the hospital, according to United Press International.

The article states that the Medical Center tested a program where a 3-foot square of red duct tape was put at threshold of the door for to facilitate communication with patients who have infections, while reducing the risk of spreading the infection. 

The hospital reports that this program has saved as much as 2,700 hours and $110,000 a year by reducing the number of times that health professionals must put on protective equipment before entering an isolated patient's room for any type of communication.  For simple communications, if the healthcare provider stands in the red box, they are not at risk of spreading the infection.

 (Sources: United Press International,, June 27, 2011; The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, June 28, 2011)