Hospitals keep ICU central line infection rate at zero for two years

ICUs in Michigan participating in the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program, an initiative to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections, have sustained a rate of zero for up to two years, according to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Key findings from the study:

  •  60% of the 80 ICUs evaluated went 1 year or more without an infection,
  •  26% achieved 2 years or more
  •  Smaller hospitals sustained zero infections longer than larger hospitals

The Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program, was implemented as part of the Keystone Intensive Care Unit Project in Michigan hospitals. The program is a  comprehensive approach that includes promoting a culture of patient safety, improving communication among ICU staff teams, and using a checklist to promote implementation of practices based on guidelines from the CDC.

(Sources: The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, May 11, 2011; The Archives of Medicine,, May, 2011; Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality,, May 9, 2011)