HealthGrades releases its list of the safest hospitals in the nation

HealthGrades has released its annual Patient Safety in American Hospitals study, which found that patients have a 46% lower risk of experiencing a patient safety incident at a top-rated hospital compared to a poorly-rated hospital. 

HealthGrades analyzed Medicare data for patient safety indicators including incidents such as foreign objects left in a body following a procedure, excessive bruising or bleeding as a result of surgery, bloodstream infections from catheters, and bed sores. 

Key findings from the study: 

  • Although many hospitals have made vast improvement in lowering the rate of hospital acquired infections, progress is inconsistent.
  • Patients treated at top-ranking hospitals for patient safety had a 30% lower risk of experiencing a central-line bloodstream infection and a nearly 39% lower risk of post-surgical sepsis.
  • The 13 patient safety events studied were associated with $7.3 billion of potentially preventable cost.

The top hospitals for Patient Safety include Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital and North Shore Hospital.  Click here for a full list of Patient Safety award recipients. 

(Sources: HealthGrades,, March 9, 2011; The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, March 11, 2011)