GE-MERS PSO named National Patient Safety Organization

The Secretary of Health and Human Services has listed the GE-MERS National Patient Safety Organization (GE PSO) as part of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Patient Safety Organization program, according to Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare. PSOs serve as independent, external entities that collect, analyze and aggregate information on patient safety events.  

The article states that the GE PSO provides its members a single common medical event reporting platform, with data analytics and advisory support to help identify the root causes of risk. The GE PSO will provide confidential advice to health care providers seeking to understand and minimize the risks in delivering patient care.

The GE PSO includes all thirteen private hospitals in Rhode Island.  This will allow the development of statewide information and the opportunity for hospitals to learn from each other.

(Sources: Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare,, February 10, 2011;,, February 13, 2011)