Several hospitals stop reporting infection data to Leapfrog

Several big name hospitals, including Cleveland Clinic, will no longer be submitting hospital-acquired infection data to the Leapfrog Group, according to Consumer Reports.

The article states that the hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, Henry Ford in Detroit, and Parkview Health in Fort Wayne have all stopped reporting this data to Leapfrog, as they now report similar data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  The hospitals all say that in order to make the best use of their resources, they will not be duplicating efforts to report to both entities. 

Leapfrog says that the information reported to them differs from the data that is reported to CMS, and encourages health care facilities to report to both. 

(Sources: The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, October 27, 2011; Consumer Reports,, October 24, 2011)