MAP releases reports on improving patient safety and improving clinician performance

The Measure Applications Partnership (MAP), an initiative of the National Quality Forum, has released two reports outlining ways to improve patient safety and quality, according to Healthcare IT News.

 The article states that the in the first report, "Readmissions and Health Care-Acquired Conditions Performance Measurement Strategy Across Public and Private Payers," MAP makes three recommendations:

  1. Develop a core set of safety measures that are applicable to all patients.
  2. Collect data elements necessary for calculating the measures in the safety core set on all patients, for all payers, and all demographics.
  3. Help public and private sectors coordinate their efforts to make care safer. 

The second report, "Clinician Performance Measurement Coordination Strategy", suggests considerations of a  performance measure set for assessing clinician performance.  Key considerations in developing the measures include aligning with the National Quality Forum strategy, including a mix of measure types, and including metrics that can be measured across the entire episode of care.

(Sources: The Advisory Board Daily Briefing, The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, October 11, 2011, Healthcare IT News,, October, 4, 2011)