Former Cigna executive releases book about the dark side of the insurance industry

Wendell Potter, former head of corporate communications at two major insurers, Humana and Cigna, has released a book describing methods that insurance companies use to manipulate public opinion, according to the New York Times. 

According to the article, since leaving his position at Cigna, Potter has testified to congress about the dark side of insurance companies, which include unkept promises of care, canceling coverage of those who get sick, and fearomongering campaigns designed to nullify any change that might adversely affect profits.

Potter left his position shortly after Cigna denied coverage for a liver transplant to a seventeen year old girl, Nataline Sarkisyan.  The company reversed its decision after the case drew national attention, but the reversal came too late and Nataline died.   

(Sources: The New York Times,, January 6, 2011; Today’s News from Partners HealthCare, January 7, 2011)