ACO serves one of the poorest populations in the country

Montefiore Hospital, which serves one of the poorest urban populations in the country­­, is among the growing number of hospitals across the country experimenting with accountable care organizations (ACO). 

According to an article in U.S. News & World Report, Montefiore has made many changes in order to improve care while reducing costs, including:

  • 80 percent of physicians are salaried
  • Montefiore has its own HMO
  • Providing extensive community outreach, including diabetes education to patients
  • Using electronic medical records system
  • Patients with routine problems in the ER are sent to internists, who evaluate all their needs to prevent more serious problems and advise them on how to find a primary care physician

Policymakers express concern that this model will be more difficult to implement if physicians are not salaried.  Another drawback is the current fee-for-service model.