AHCJ requests improvements to the Joint Commission’s website

The Association of Health Care Journalists has called upon the Joint Commission to do a better and more complete job of telling the public what it knows about the quality of hospital care.

 The association's Right-to-Know Committee has identified several problems with the information found on the website:

  • Hospitals with any level of accreditation are given "The Gold Seal of Approval" – even those whose accreditation is conditional or at risk of being denied.
  • It's difficult to find out which hospitals in a given region have less-than-full accreditation. To check on a hospital's accreditation status, one has to open each individual profile.
  • After a hospital loses accreditation, its past Accreditation Quality Reports are eventually removed from the site, leaving only the facility's name with no historical record.
  • There is no easy way to do a side-by-side comparison of more than six facilities simultaneously.

(Sources: Association of Healthcare Journalists, http://www.healthjournalism.org, March 2, 2010; HCPro Accreditation Connection, http://hcpro.com, March 8, 2010)