Hospitals with higher quality rating show lower mortality rates

A new HealthGrades study finds that patients at America’s top rated hospitals had a 72% lower risk of dying when compared with patients the lowest rated hospitals.

The study examined national and state-level trends in hospital care quality and established quality ratings for each hospital, across 26 different procedures and diagnoses.

Key findings:

  • Hospital mortality rates have declined by 7.98% over the three-year period studied;
  • Two out of seventeen of the mortality-based diagnoses and procedures analyzed showed increasing mortality rates – gastrointestinal surgeries and coronary intervention procedures;
  • Higher rated (rated by HealthGrades as part of the study) hospitals had significantly lower risk-adjusted mortality across the three years studied;

(Source: HealthGrades,, October 20, 2010; The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, October 21, 2010)