HSC: Raising awareness of quality gap ‘key’ to consumer use of data

A commentary released by the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC) suggests that public quality reporting initiatives currently do little to sway the public’s decisions about health care, but are effective in spurring providers to improve performance.


The Issue Brief identified common features of both quality transparency programs that other quality transparency programs may be able to draw from and replicate, including:

Collaborating with the provider community from the outset

Ensuring high-caliber quality data are reported

Presenting quality data in easy-to-understand formats

Providing hospitals and physicians with detailed information on their performance


In a separate Issue Brief?, HSC Senior Researcher Ha T. Tu, M.P.A., and HSC Health Research Analyst Johanna R. Lauer highlight two quality transparency initiatives—CalHospitalCompare, a report card for hospitals, and Massachusetts Health Quality Partners, a report card for primary care physician groups—that can be considered success stories in being thoughtfully designed and implemented and presenting usable and useful quality information.


Click here  for the HSC Press Release.


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