Hospital uses childhood game to boost hand-washing compliance

Hospital leaders at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston are using the playful childhood game of “tag” and the threat of public embarrassment to improve ED staff compliance with hand-washing and other protocols, HealthLeaders Media reports.


According to the story, when any team member espies a colleague failing to wash hands between patient encounters, they get tagged. The words, "Tag. So-and-so is it" appear on the dashboard banner of all monitors throughout the hospital. Staff note names can also be added for failing to write legibly in patient charts, writing prohibited abbreviations that can be misunderstood, or failing to correctly sign, date, and time all orders, and even having coffee in a clinical area is a big tag-able no-no.


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(SOURCE: The Advisory Board Daily Briefing, , May 12, 2009)