Children's hospital coalition announces success in program to reduce preventable codes

The Ohio Children’s Hospital Association (OCHA) today released new results of a first-of-its-kind collaboration to improve quality in children’s hospitals by reducing preventable codes occurring outside of the neonatal and pediatric ICUs.


According to the Press Release, OCHA and its six member hospitals – Akron Children’s Hospital; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; Dayton Children’s Medical Center; Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus; Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, Cleveland; and Toledo Children’s Hospital – created the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association’s Quality Improvement Collaborative (the Collaborative) in 2006. In its first initiative, the Collaborative focused on reducing preventable codes, or cardiac and pulmonary arrests, occurring outside of the neonatal and pediatric Intensive Care Units. As a result of its efforts, the Collaborative identified a medical protocol called a Rapid Response Team that to date, when implemented, has reduced incidences of preventable codes by more than 46 percent.


For the Collaborative, each participating hospital adapted a Rapid Response Team model to fit within its own patient care environment and culture. Bedside caregivers at participating hospitals were empowered to quickly harness the expertise of this multidisciplinary Rapid Response Team when the caregiver determined that immediate intervention was warranted. Further, some hospitals created a process that enabled patient families to call upon the Rapid Response Team when they felt their child was in need of assessment.


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