HealthGrades publishes their 50 top hospitals

The HealthGrades America’s 50 Best Hospitals for 2009 were identified in a report issued by HealthGrades. According to the HealthGrades Press Release, these hospitals represent an elite group of the highest performing healthcare organizations in the nation, which have maintained patient outcomes in the top five percent in the country for at least the last six consecutive years.


The recipients have been posted on the HealthGrades site. To identify these hospitals, HealthGrades analyzed over 110 million hospitalization records that every non-federal hospital in the country has submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of the federal Department of Health and Human Services. To be listed among HealthGrades America’s 50 Best Hospitals, facilities must have demonstrated clinical outcomes – in terms of mortality and complication rates – that are among the top five percent in the nation. They must have reached this threshold not just in one medical specialty, but across 26 different procedures and conditions and over a minimum of the past six consecutive years. These elite hospitals were found to have an approximate 27 percent lower mortality rate than all other U.S. hospitals and a complication rate that was eight percent lower.


(Sources: HealthGrades,, accessed March 1, 2009; The Advisory Board Daily Briefing,, February 25)