The Joint Commission’s Medication Reconciliation NPSG to undergo review

The Joint Commission announced announced that, effective January 1, 2009, NPSG 8 (the accurate and complete reconciliation of meds) survey findings will still be evaluated during the on-site survey but will not be factored into the facility’s accreditation decision and not generate Requirements for Improvement.


According to Briefings on the Joint Commission, during the on-site survey the facility will be evalutated on its med rec processes. Surveyors will talk about ways to improve med rec and also gather information on how hospitals are progressing in meeting NPSG 8. The Joint Commission says it will evaluate med rec throughout the year to find means to improve it for implementation in 2010. All of this seems to acknowledge the ongoing struggle hospitals have had in developing working, effective medication reconciliation processes in the four years since it became an NPSG.

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