Leapfrog Group releases 2009 annual ‘Top Hospitals’ list

The Leapfrog Group yesterday named 45 acute-care hospitals—including 34 urban hospitals, eight children’s hospitals, and three rural hospitals—to its fourth annual “Top Hospitals” list, which is intended to celebrate hospitals that meet the group’s patient safety, care quality, and efficiency standards.

According to the Leapfrog release, purchasers point to 45 hospitals that lead through example—delivering the best quality care in the nation while attaining the highest levels of efficiency. Thirty-four urban, eight children’s and three rural hospitals have been named 2009 Leapfrog Top Hospitals, based on results from The Leapfrog Hospital Survey. The survey (found at www.leapfroggroup.org) is the only national, public comparison of hospitals on key issues including mortality rates for certain common procedures, infection rates, safety practices, and measures of efficiency.

Qualifying criteria for Leapfrog’s Top Hospital Award list remain virtually the same as 2008, with one added dimension: once hospitals demonstrate top quality, they must also rise to the top of the list on efficiency. 

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