CDC reports increase in serious pneumococcal infections

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported an increase in serious pneumococcal infections this flu season.

According to the CDC, some of their Active Bacterial Core surveillance (ABCs) sites have seen an increase in serious cases of pneumococcal disease coincident with increases in influenza-associated hospitalizations. CDC has been working with state and local public health officials in Colorado for example concerning its ABCs site in the Denver Metro area to collect additional data on pneumococcal disease cases.  CDC is encouraging people with chronic health conditions to receive the pneumococcal vaccine if recommended. 

About 61.2 million doses of H1N1 flu vaccine is available as of today, at least 49.6 million of which have been shipped to states. Nearly one-fourth of the vaccine is in the nasal spray form. Several states plan major activities after Thanksgiving to promote H1N1 vaccination for children and at-risk adults with chronic conditions, Schuchat said.

(SOURCES: AHA News Now,, November 25, 2009; The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,, accessed December 2, 2009)