Children's Hospital, Boston to partner with insurers to reduce costs

Children’s Hospital Boston will partner with three of the state’s health insurance plans and the state Medicaid program “as part of a larger push to control the rise in pediatric heath care costs,” the Boston Globe reports.

According to the news release, Children’s will limit increases in fees it charges the insurers and the three health plans--Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Tufts Health Plan, along with the state’s Medicaid program--will contribute a portion of their savings, about $10 million in total, to a fund that will enable Children’s Hospital to accelerate pilot programs aimed at providing better care at lower costs.

One program gives doctors immediate feedback on the success of treatments. Another explores ways to expand the range of services provided by primary care physicians, potentially enabling them to handle ailments like headaches and asthma without having to refer patients to specialists. A third is pioneering new payment models for pediatric care as state lawmakers consider revamping the current payment system.

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