NQF endorses 91 clinician quality measures to address gaps in care

Standards emphasize measurement gaps and harmonization

Washington, DC - To fill gaps in assessing clinician performance that can promote higher quality health care, the National Quality Forum (NQF) has endorsed 67 clinician-level consensus standards relating to cancer care, infectious diseases, perioperative care, and care provided by thousands of medical professionals who are not MDs, but provide critical services. NQF also endorsed four facility-level measures in surgery and anesthesia, 17 measures addressing prevention and management of stroke across the continuum of care, and three measures for influenza and pneumococcal immunizations, a total of 91 consensus standards.

NQF has not previously addressed the area of infectious disease, particularly hepatitis and HIV/AIDs. The NQF portfolio already includes facility-level cancer and perioperative care measures, which are expanded and enriched by this new clinician-level measure set.

The purpose of NQF-endorsed voluntary consensus standards is to improve the quality of health care—through accountability and public reporting—by standardizing quality measurement in all care settings. More information on these new standards can be found here . (SOURCE: The National Quality Forum , http://qualityforum.org, September 20, 2008)