Joint Commission Resources Challenges Hospitals to Increase Flu Vaccination Rates

In the Name of Patient Safety, Health Care Workers Are Encouraged to Protect Their Patients by Getting Vaccinated Against the Flu

Joint Commission Resources (JCR) has launched a Flu Vaccination Challenge to underscore the responsibility that hospitals have to keep their employees and patients healthy this flu season. The Flu Vaccination Challenge is designed to increase immunization rates among health care workers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the 2005–2006 flu season, only 42% of surveyed health care workers received a flu vaccination. JCR challenges hospitals to achieve higher vaccination rates among their staff.

The Flu Vaccination Challenge begins in September 2008 and will continue through the flu season until May 2009. Hospitals that achieve a vaccination rate goal of 43% or more will be recognized for their dedication to keeping their employees healthy and helping to protect their patients. JCR is committed to continuously improving the safety and quality of care in hospitals. The Flu Vaccination Challenge is one way to contribute to this goal by increasing vaccination rates among health care workers.

To register for the Challenge, and for additional information on the importance of vaccination against the flu and how health care workers can help improve flu vaccination rates, please visit .

(SOURCE: Joint Commission Resources ,, September 11, 2008)