Patrick Administration Announces Non-Payment Policy for 28 Serious Reportable Events

BOSTON — Representatives from across state government, in their roles as health insurance purchasers and signatories to the Commonwealth’s HealthyMass initiative, today announced their intentions to no longer pay for costs associated with certain serious reportable health care events. The state will also no longer permit their providers to bill members for these services. This new policy makes Massachusetts the first state in the nation to establish a uniform non-payment policy across state government. “The alignment of payment policies on serious reportable events was identified as an early priorityof HealthyMass and reflects the Commonwealth’s commitment to maximizing quality of care,” said Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, who chairs the HealthyMass Executive Committee. “By adopting a consistent policy, Massachusetts is applying the state’s purchasing power in support of patient safety.” (SOURCE: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health website review ,, August 11, 2008)