Joint Commission report on ‘Hospital of the Future’ urges major changes

A report released today from The Joint Commission offers guiding principles and actions for the hospital of the future to meet the daunting challenges of older and sicker patients, patient safety and quality of care, economics and the work force. As these challenges escalate, hospitals can lead the effort to meet these demands.


Health Care at the Crossroads: Guiding Principles for the Development of the Hospital of the Future contends that hospitals must respond in new ways as escalating health care costs are hitting record highs and the conditions and care needs of hospitalized patients are growing more complex. The report is the work of an expert panel comprising hospital executives and clinical leaders, as well as experts in technology, health care economics, hospital design and patient safety. The roundtable analyzed how socio-economic trends, technology, the physical environment of care, patient-centered care values and ongoing staffing challenges will impact the hospital of the future.


See the news release here.


(SOURCES: The Joint Commission,, November 7, 2008; Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services,, Accessed November 7, 2008)