Healthcare Quality News provides news and developments of interest to hospitals, physicians, healthcare administrators and policy professionals related to healthcare quality measurement and analytics, reporting and improvement, costs, and access to care.  

The site is designed and maintained by James J. Pfeffer, FACHE, MBA, MPP.  Mr. Pfeffer is a healthcare analytics and quality measurement and reporting expert with over 20 years experience in hospital and health systems, including nationally known health systems leading in areas of healthcare quality and patient safety.  He has a background of accomplishments using a broad mix of management skills in healthcare systems, with leadership roles in reporting physician and hospital quality performance and in developing new clinical programs in doctor's offices and hospitals to support system-wide quality measurement, reporting and improvement.  

Mr. Pfeffer is board certified as a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives, earned a Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Public Policy from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and currently resides in Massachusetts.  He can be reached through the contact page of this Healthcare Quality News blog or by email at

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